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Buy One Get One Free!

Buy any signature wood-fired brick oven pizza and get one free!

Starting January 1st from 5pm to Close. Dine In Only. Not valid with any other discount, coupon or promotion. Starting at 5:00pm until close.


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Buy One Get One Free

Never a dull moment with this crew!

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Thanksgiving Day

We are open on Thanksgiving Day from  11 am to 4 pm. We will be serving a traditional  Plated Turkey dinner including;turkey and gravy, stuffing,garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, honey muffins with butter, and pumpkin pie. We are looking forward to serving you!

We have 190 people on the list at this time, reservations are strongly suggested.

Turkey 7

Bacon Makes People Happy!

When I was a little boy we had bacon, eggs, and grits every morning. My grandmother always told us that we needed something to stick to our ribs so that we didn’t get hungry before lunch.  In my opinion, my grandmother was the inventor of the “Bacon Revolution” as she put bacon and bacon grease in everything back in the day.  She would put bacon grease in our biscuits, green peas, and so much more.  She always kept an old tin coffee can full of bacon grease right on the top of the stove and she would just add to it every time she cooked bacon in that black cast-iron fryin’ skillet.  One of the things I remember most about that can of bacon grease was that it was the same can….FOR YEARS! I remember one of my grandfather’s friends came over for breakfast and he wanted some gravy for his grits so my grandmother got her cast iron skillet, heated up some milk and threw in a handful of flour.  She would always stir her gravy with a fork to make sure it was smooth and creamy.  She added salt and pepper always followed by a huge scoop of bacon grease! I think my grandmother would be proud to see what I’ve done with bacon.  I put bacon everything too.  I put it on burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, salad and even ice cream. We call the Ice Cream “Hog Wild Ice Cream”.  My customers purchase our special Honey Pepper Bacon™ by the dozen.  I sell approximately 200Lbs of bacon every week. That’s a lot of Happy Bacon Lovers!   I sure miss my Grandmother and I love bacon!  LOVE, PEACE & BACON GREASE!

Baine & Bacon

Baine’s BBQ Ribs Fall off the bone

My love for BBQ started as a little boy watching my Uncle Hecky cook BBQ at the Brook of  Hope Baseball Complex. My dad started a baseball team and built the complex behind my grandmothers house.  It was the place to be on Saturdays because the entire community was watching baseball and eating BBQ.  My Uncle would sell BBQ Chicken & Goat!  What made it so unique was his tangy yet spicy Homemade BBQ Sauce.  He would SLAP the sauce on all the meat with a rag that was tied on the end of a stick.  Now, I cook BBQ for TwoRows on Friday, Saturday’s and Sunday’s during the summer and I just LOVE doing it.  The smell and the aroma of the Hickory gives me the childhood endorphin’s that I only get when I’m BBQ’n!  What makes my BBQ so unique??  True story… my chicken is so juicy, it squirted my buddy, Scott “Bear” in the eye when he bit into a drum stick.  My brisket is charred on the outside, has a nice smoke ring, and melts in  your mouth.  BUT MY BABY BACK RIBS…!!!!… When they it the plate, about 99% of the time they volunteer themselves off the bone!  Come see me on the weekends but don’t wait too late…the BBQ does have a tendency to fly out the window so don’t me mad if we sell out!!


Baine BBQ at TwoRows Classic Grill Allen Tx